r i t u a l


d i r e c t i o n s

coming from san francisco, go north on 101 across golden gate bridge. take the stinson beach/hwy 1 exit. take a left at the stop, going under the overpass.

reset odometer to 0 at overpass. odometer ratings arebased on cumulative readings from 0, not the distance frompoint-to-point.

after 0.6 miles, turn left at the stoplight (you should see the marin oriental rug house here).

after 1.8 miles, take the left fork of the road up thewinding hill. this road is called shoreline highway, ithink.

after 3.2 miles, the road will fork. take the left fork tostinson.

at 5.8 miles, there will be a "share the road" sign. takethe left to go to stinson beach.

at 10.8 miles, you will see some parking spots on the leftand right hand sides. on the ocean side, there will be a"steep ravine environmental background" sign. across the hwy, there will be a 20mph sign with a squiggly arrow. the trail starts at this sign. you will know this to bethe trail when you see another small sign, "steep ravinetrail."

follow this trail until you hear loud, thumping music.