r i t u a l


i n f o

* parking is very limited, so plan on carpooling. if youneed help finding people to carpool with, contact me at phlid@hotmail.com. you will park on the gravel area on the right side of hwy 1, a little beyond where the trail starts. once you get out of your car, you will have to walk back up hwy 1 to find the start of the trail (near the 20mph sign).

* try to avoid being seen by cars as you leave your car and enter the trail.

* at night the steep ravine trail is very dark. so pleasehave have a good flashlight for the trail. i'd say oneflash light for every two people in your party is a goodminimum.

* bring a sweater / jacket. expect damp and possiblychilly weather.

* please, NO alcohol and NO drugs. if we get busted, it'susually 100x worse (for everyone) if there is alcoholpresent. so please do your what you have to do at home,but don't bring anything questionable to the renegade.

* avoid bringing glass containers that might break.

* plan on taking everything you brought when you leave. please don't litter. if you smoke, your cigarette buttsshould leave the forest when you leave.